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Consider Pacific Coast Yachts and our professional team to develop a marketing plan for your quality brokerage listing, we strive to close the sale of your yacht in a professional and timely manner making the experience simple and easy! Everyone at Pacific Coast Yachts works hard for our clients. 

PCY offers the industry’s largest online multiple listing services to give YOUR boat the maximum exposure it deserves. 

“The World Will Know Your Boat is For Sale”. 

In addition, we have a full time professional staff available to show your yacht 7 days a week from our high profile office at the Shelter Island Boatyard main building at 2330 Shelter Island Dr. Suite 206, San Diego Ca. 92106 located right in the heart of the San Diego boating scene.

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  1. CLEANLINESS inside and outside is the first impression your boat gives to a prospective buyer. This is the single most important factor buyers use to form their opinion of your boats condition.
  2. CONDITION makes a difference. Obvious faults and inoperative equipment must be fixed or removed. Buyers will not look to be compensated; they just won’t make an offer.
  3. PRICE FOR MARKET. Overpriced boats do not draw buyers. In fact they scare away potential buyers. Most buyers don’t want to insult the seller with low offers. If your boat does not sell within a short time, your loan interest, insurance and upkeep can quickly “eat up” the difference between what you think your boat is worth and its real market value.
  4. THE ENGINE ROOM is cited by most “How to Buy” manuals as the place to look to see if a boat has had good care. Neat and clean engines and bilges make a difference.
  5. LIGHT AND BRIGHT Do all you can to make the interior of your boat light and bright.
  6. YOUR HOLDING TANK. Holding tank odors do not sell boats! They will keep your boat from being sold. Be sure to have yours pumped out and deodorized.
  7. EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS allow us to do a much better job of marketing your boat. We are committed to advertising and selling your boat and the time and money that it involves, we ask you to also be committed by affording us the listing.
  8. SPECIFICATIONS. We need accurate and complete specifications to properly market your boat. Buyers are “put off” by incomplete or incorrect data. Please fill out specification forms carefully.
  9. LOCATION & AVAILABLITY. Believe it or not, boat buyers prefer not to travel, even for a reduced price. The boat you are selling should easily be accessible in the heart of the market area.HIDDEN PROBLEMS when discovered, destroy credibility, cause problems, and usually end up costing you more money in negotiations. If known, your broker can tactfully deal with them beforehand.

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