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Motor Yachts

A motor yacht is a broad term that refers to different styles and sizes of boats designed for large groups of passengers and is powered exclusively by engines. A motor yacht can be further categorized by luxury, power, and size. With a body that typically ranges from 40 to 90 feet, a motor yacht offers a variety of amenities, especially a longer cruising time.

One of the biggest distinctions between yachts and motor yachts, beyond how they are powered, are the benefits offered. A motor yacht can have a variety of indoor and outdoor features that traditional yachts do not have. Larger yachts have more cabins, a larger galley, salon, wider upper deck, spacious rooms for social gathering, and comprehensive engine room, helm and cockpit.

With such an impressive layout that offers convenience and privacy for owners, motor yachts are attention seekers among boat enthusiasts. With the vast range of types, there is always a motor yacht model that fits any budget.

Motor yachts are not all about luxurious space. They also boast of performance, their ability to be used for long voyages. Other apparent features include high-quality engineering when it comes to hull, engine and speed performance, and agility against the forces of waves even in inclement weather.

Motor yachts are built to last for many years.

Sport Fishers

Categorized under recreational fishing, sport fisher boats are designed for sheer recreation. There is a difference between recreational fishing from fish trawling.

A sport fisher is a power fishing boat built for speed and functionality. With a sport fisher yacht, beauty should not be left behind, as these kinds of boats are well engineered and elegantly designed at the same time they are highly efficient in fish catching.

Typical sport fisher boats have cockpits at the stern, with chairs permanently fixed to the deck from where a rod can be attached. Fishing rods are usually mounted. Rods can be handheld or mounted or locked on the rounded edge of the stern.

Ideally in a sportfishing boat, the cockpit has a considerable space for fishing and ample storage for the catch and fishing equipment.

Sport fisher boats have lengthy foredecks and have the ability against rough seas so that fishing wouldn’t be a problem. They have a mezzanine with fully functional amenities which provide storage for catch, refrigeration, or a comfortable built-in seat for fishermen and spectators.


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Power Cruisers


A sloop is a kind of a sailboat with a single mast serving as headsail and one mainsail. For modern sloops, they can be rigged with the Bermuda type sail with a configuration of two triangular sails fore and aft.

The sloop is believed to be the most common type among the many kinds of sailboats. With a length around 11 to 20 meters, a sloop can have multiple decks. Small but efficient, a sloop can carry a weight of approximately a hundred tons of weight including the equipment on the surface deck.

As recreational sailing has become more prominent, sloops have become a popular choice since they require a few crew members. However it’s possible to have technology provide solutions that allow sailors to get away with having no additional help on board as well.


A sailboat with a fully enclosed helm or wheelhouse is called a pilothouse. This design is intended to keep the crew protected and safe, and on the watch without having to step out on the deck.

When the helm’s controller is in the pilothouse, there should be ample visibility of the outside while being safe from any harsh element.

A pilothouse is where you will find the boat’s steering wheel or helm, which is the controlling console of the boat. Pilothouses prioritize the layout of the control of the boat by placing the full attention to the steering wheel and controls in a position easily accessible and often centrally located.


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If you love catching fish by the net, and you want a fast and efficient vessel then no doubt you need a trawler. Fishing vessels for commercial use refer to a trawler or fishing trawler. When fishing for a large catch, you need to trawl a large fishing net attached behind a trawler. Dragging the net through the water enables fishermen to catch a considerable bunch of fish meant to sell in the market.

Fish trawler vessels are robust in design. They have to be powerfully built because sailors need the agility and speed of the boat in steering. Modern fish trawlers have motorized systems, such as winches, and digitized control mechanisms, such as navigation and sonar systems.



Most flybridges have a 360-degree view for maximum visibility but can still offer a covering from the elements. Other flybridges have a single front windshield but open sides. Nevertheless, they provide a greater view of the sun and horizon, from which you can also have a view at the bow and serve a good sun shed to the mezzanine. From the flybridge and below, there is often plenty of seating for friends and guests.

A fishing boat or a yacht’s flybridge usually contains the secondary helm or cockpit. This helm is called an upper helm station which offers all-round visibility from the cockpit.

The history of flybridge dates back to the Second World War, from which almost every sea vessel, large or small, has a flybridge over the pilothouse. Since a flybridge serves as a secondary cockpit, it had a few pieces of equipment for communication purposes with the main cockpit.

Small water vessels such as sailboats, sport fishing boats, fishing trawlers sometimes have fly bridges that have controls with the same feature of the pilothouse.


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Center Console

Boats with a center console are the ones typically with single decks and open hull, to which the helm is situated at the center of the boat. The central console is a versatile type of design and maybe known as fishing boats or wakeboarding.

Boats with a central console are perfect for power boating as you have full control of the vessel. Center console boats get their names based on the steering station in the center of the boat. The wheel and other things are of easy reach and you are protected from the splash of waves.

New models of this boat type have extra storage underneath the console, making the boat more functional. Fishing equipment can be stored or additional seats can be customized to accommodate more people.

In some 30-foot boats with center consoles you can even find larger cabins inside the console. More importantly, the whole deck area is open, making the center console versatile on its own. Some boat builders even add stern seats.

Center console boats are not only popular as fishing boats but as leisure boats as well, as there is a wide range of uses for these types of boats.

The open deck, spacious seating on the bow or stern, and the luxurious interior and exterior design of center console boats are ideal features you are looking for a getaway boat to simply enjoy the sea.


The most common definition for a convertible boat is that it has a dual purpose; it can either be used for cruising or for fishing, whatever suits the owner.

With a convertible, you have a power yacht that includes the amenities of a luxurious yacht and a sportfish yacht combined in one package. It also has a flybridge that gives the captain a full view of the weather condition and to tell if it is conducive to fish. If it is not fit for fishing, your passengers will opt to enjoy cruising time instead with a convertible whatever activity you set for the day.


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Sedan boats have typically one helm found on the flybridge. Most sedan yachts are built for maximum convenience. They have ample space on the deck to accommodate people. Depending on brand and make, sedans make an impressive entrance with their quaint interiors and well-engineered body. Emulating sedan cars that boast of fashion, sedan boats have more to flaunt.

With spacious deck and comfortable cabin, rooms for galley, salon, and strategic storage and cabinets, a sedan is a boat you will find refuge from the elements of the outside weather. The flybridge has a hardtop enclosure, ensuring the captain of full protection while cruising the seas. Such a formidable shield is a permanent shade against the ravage of waves and the scorching heat of the sun.

For ultimate protection and control, the sedan is a smart choice for boaters.

Express Cruisers

Perhaps, there is only a small distinction between all these boat types, because the express cruiser can be a combination of everything but a luxury yacht, small, midsize, or large.

Express cruisers basically have a large cockpit and deck to accommodate cabins below and walking path above the deck. It speaks of comfort where around 5 to 7 people can sleep and cruise for days. Cabins include compartments and toilet, sleek enough to shade from clutter, making the yacht roomier and comfortable.

It is also built with a salon, galley, with amenities you will find in a hotel room, refrigeration, air conditioning, electrical appliances (stove, microwave, thermal pot, etc.), and utensils to complete your dining.

The ultimate fitting description for an express cruiser is its speed before space. Carrying a sporty look, the express cruiser is up to its performance in the water.

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