Tiara’s core is founded on seven valuable principles: heritage craftsmanship; American made; it’s not merely our craft, it’s our calling; family; timeless design; unparalleled performance; and customer service.

All Things Put Together

Tiara is an offspring of its parent company, S2 Yachts, owned by Leon Slikkers. Slikkers saw the need to build a new company and deviate from something he saw no potential of commitment to excellence. Establishing his S2 Yachts paved the way for Tiara, along with his sons, to continue the legacy in boat making. Thus, Tiara focused only on crafting motor yachts.

Amidst the tight competition in the market, Slikker’s perseverance to build his own company and thought of demonstrating his passion to his son have taught them to continue the legacy. Tiara is a testimonial of Slikker’s S2 Yachts success in rolling sailboats and became as a totally new division of this parent company. Thus, Tiara Yachts has been a huge success family-owned private company.

This defining future is one of Tiara’s upheld values while showing to the world that their crafts are purely American made. Their base in Holland Michigan is a living testimony that the company is grounded on the roots of America and that their manufacturing of yachts was of the highest quality and reflect American craftsmanship in all aspects—wiring, cabinetry varnishing; fiberglass, and more.

Being involved in ownership has a significant impact on the success of the company. Because even if you have the best materials, but the people behind would not be able to craft based on the passion ingrained in every undertaking, the effort would be futile. That’s why, in Tiara, being a family-owned enterprise is a great factor in steering the company to success. There is a principle behind the idea of ownership, from which, you build something with passion, with care, and you do this without letup.

The Tiara engineering is not about doing the best but it is about creating the ultimate, the boat that will speak of value, not only of the parts it was made of but also of the conduct in building that boat to satisfy vendor partners and customers as the priority end users. When this happens, all that you have created will defy changes in time and will outwit every competitor’s product performance.

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