By employing the skill of great boat designer, Don Head, Robert Braithwaite and his younger brother, John, joined forces to build boats of significant use, combining sports and leisure. It was then the first new boat of Sunseeker was launched to give customers what they really want. Such early triumph and with the perseverance of the brothers in learning the ropes in boat making and selling, the Sunseeker soon fulfilled the increasing demands in sports boat and the sophistication of the cruising market.

Robert saw the opportunity to build his market when Owens Cruisers in the USA closed the final curtain for UK distribution and operation. That was a major turn of events, especially when the Sunseeker arrived, the owner realized that the real voyage has just begun.

Sunseeker’s first remarkable achievement was through its Offshore 28. Offshore 28 is the first of its type crafted in Europe, topping sales in France, Spain, and Germany as the top performer in boat model, resonating functionality and luxury.

The voyage continued for Sunseeker as it already built its confidence in making fine boats that would surpass their competitors. Because one of the secrets of Sunseeker is to focus on building boats based on what boat owners personally wanted their boats for. Taking a closer look at this vision is also bringing your passion closer to your customers, making them like your style even more. That being said, the Tomahawk 37 model is a brand where enjoyment, high performance, and sheer fun resonate.

Innovating with Time

Now that excellent design in marine automotive has been achieved, the Renegade 60 model of Sunseeker displayed seamless performance, maneuverability, and style. In fact, it acquired recognition from the Southampton Boat Show in 1990, paving the way for innovative births of world-class boat design that have earned their distinct recognition in the industry.

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