When you are looking for super boats with class and style, seek for the Meridian brand. Established in 2003, having been in the yacht industry for almost 20 years, Meridian is a part of the Brunswick Boat Group.

Crafted by industry experts, the Meridian yacht could be the boat of your dreams because of its impressive look and superior engineering that define boating style in terms of maneuvering, cruising, and simply sailing.

Meridians boast of boat length ranging from 34 to 47 feet, making a well hailed name in marine vessels. The Meridian Yachts are in itself built by genius boat makers with deep understanding of the unique needs of every boat owner who has extensive experience in the sea.

Each model is made and engineered to emulate sedan-type automobiles, bringing the passion of owners in handling a boat with exemplary prowess in the waters.

Check your style and check your brand, Meridians could be one of those boats well exposed around the world.

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