The mission of Catalina Yachts’ president to build good boats that give true value to its customers still remains today.

Founded in 1970, Catalina Yachts continued to be an efficient boatmaker in the United States by designing state-of-the-art sailboats that are competitive in the market. The success of Catalina can be attributed to insights coming from dealers and its customers who are also boat owners.

The Catalina group does not devise a design plan on its own. Its creative imagination is more collaborative than individual. No single mind has ever designed one single boat, and that is what makes the company successful in its quest to introduce new models for sophisticated boat owners. This principle enables the owner to continue not on his own but on integrating proven features to continue the trend in styling and placing value on every make.

The company’s style of making boats gave them positive results by becoming the boat company with the highest percentage of repeat customers. Its thrust on unending service to its clients and partners established them good business relationship and confidence to commit for a greater good.
The Catalina customer-centered philosophy earned respect and diligence in the industry and continues on what they do everyday.

Catalina Yachts president, Frank Willis Butler was inducted in 2013 into the National Sailing Hall of Fame, because, as young as 12, he started to build his sailboat. Today, more than 60,000 boats have been built and designed, and Butler has no plans on dropping down the curtains.

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