The Cabo brand, which was founded in 1991, has found its way back to the limelight of the fishboat market. Since 1995, Cabo has been considered one of the major players in the boating industry. Ceasing its operation due to global recession, the Cabo brand has only been gone for 5 years. Now that they’re back, the well-known production Cabo revived its thrust in showcasing its hardcore fishing boats.

The Cabo brand is known for reliability and quality, as attested by Hatteras/Cabo Yachts President and CEO Kelly Grindle. He believed in the brand to be allied with consumer research, the reason why Cabo has never really left the ranks of fishing boats with higher consumer demands.

From here on forward, Cabo will serve and offer its owners unsurpassed amenities, great comfort, and excellent riding passion for the enthusiasts.

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