“Avante-Garde in Boating”

When we say ‘avante-garde’, someone is swimming in the opposite direction braving the rough tides and waves. From what is beyond normal, uncommon, not based on culture, it becomes more impressive.

Beneteau is a seller of yachts and motorboats but on a different level. In fact, sailing is not only their marketing thrusts and solutions. But what’s proving more essential and experimental about the team Beneteau is their remarkable and rich history in sailboats and yachts.

When it comes to aesthetic innovation, Beneteau never waned. It defined the evolution of the boating industry since it commenced its business in the late 1900s.

With a hundred years, Beneteau’s line of boats has pioneered recreational boating with around 45 models to boast across the world. Hence, the Beneteau brand is iconic in nature.

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