The journey of Bayliner in the industry of boating for many generations enables their clients and customers to witness the success of making fine boats amidst the economic crisis in the 50s. Bayliner founder J. Orin Edson saw the increasing demand in boats. And through some inspiring ideas, he was able to propel his company to greater heights of boat manufacturing. He valued dedicated and committed boat builders and gave them the much-needed incentive to have them become a part of his fruitful innovation.

Considered the best value in boating, J. Orin Edson has widened its franchise and made exceptional boats that include ski boats, fishing boats, sailboats, motor yachts, and more. In 1986, Bayliner was acquired by Brunswick Corporation. Even so, the Bayliner legacy remained, especially when it comes to J. Orin Edson’s vision concerning Bayliner’s trademark: Bayliner boats are well built, family-oriented, easy and reliable, and most importantly, affordable, as what was defined in Edson’s total value package.

Bayliner believed that people would misinterpret the value of affordability, that when a merchandise is sold cheap, buyers would think that the item their purchasing is of low grade. Long before anyone would think this is true, the Bayliner team had a ready answer for it. An attractive price in Bayliner’s offers do not sacrifice performance nor compromise quality and fun one would get from every boat. Instead, Bayliner’s success in the boating world in terms of sales and recognition speaks of the best value placed on each vessel combining affordability and quality.

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