For 15 years of crafting megayachts for sophisticated yacht owners, Azimut yachts is more than an excellent provider of luxury yachts that speaks of beauty, elegance, style, and intelligence. Azimut has etched a name in the boat industry employing the best craftsmanship to manipulate technology, to be innovative in every product, and to be unique in producing cutting-edge yachts and boats in the fulfillment and enjoyment of those who own their products.

The Azimut-Benetti is known to be the largest megayacht producer and leader in luxury boats in the world.

Italian genius and businessman Paolo Vitelli founded Azimut 50 years ago. Until now, his company has always been sincere in creating value to the three core that sustains his business; clients, employees, and shareholders. Vitelli believes that refinement comes from harnessing innovation and making use of technology to produce something new each day and make this development an asset to create and perfect each model for the benefit of all.

No one can speak of value when that value fades away. And in order to become a leader in your chosen industry, you have to produce something inspirational, sourced from the passion of the yacht followers and enthusiasts themselves. And because they know and understand if they can cruise the waters in style and confidence, their yachts should reflect their philosophies of long-lasting value.

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